The most important types of wood used by furniture factories in Turkey

When furnishing our homes or workplaces, we take care of choosing the most aesthetic, durable and quality furniture pieces because they may accompany us for years before we think about replacing them, and the elements of aesthetics and durability are provided by the quality of wood used, so what are the types used by furniture factories in Turkey?

Today, it is known that Turkish furniture occupies a very important position at the global level in the modern furniture and furnishings industry, and the furniture factories in Turkey have become one of the most important factories in the world.

We mentioned in our previous articles that Turkish furniture combines quality with an appropriate competitive price, so what are the raw materials used most by furniture factories in Turkey?

Let’s get acquainted with the most important types of wood that are generally used in the manufacture of furniture and furnishings, and what is most suitable for each type of furniture, and let us get an idea of the most famous types used by furniture factories in Turkey.

The most important types of wood used in the manufacture of furniture
Wood types can be classified into two main sub-species: natural wood and industrial wood, and we will elaborate on each of them.

industrial wood
Industrial wood, as a definition, is wood made from fibers or leftover wood and cardboard and compressed to make it durable and can be formed as furniture.

There are conflicting pros and cons in the types of industrial wood. One of its most prominent advantages is its relatively cheap price compared to natural wood types, in addition to not being exposed to decay at all, its resistance to insects, and the possibility of washing it with soap and water without fear of mold.

Environmentally manufactured wood also contributes to preserving tree wealth from unjust cutting in order to obtain wood from it, as it is environmentally friendly.

However, one of its main drawbacks is the inability to install screws or connections in one place more than once due to its lack of durability and exposure to damage.

Also, it is not very suitable for bedrooms due to the difficulty of making the necessary connections or interlocking in it, and among the most important types of industrial wood we have are fiberwood and plywood.

Types of industrial wood used in furniture factories in Turkey

Fiber wood or MDF
Medium-density fibrous wood panels, made from mixing sawdust and wood residues with wax materials and adhesives such as glue, chopping them together well and pressing them with thermal presses under high pressure to obtain durability.

Fiber has good and bad types, and the criterion for that is the quality of the wood residue used, good chopping and pressure.
The most common elements of furniture in which fiber wood is used are kitchens, furniture, packaging, frames and wall panels, and we find a great reliance on fiber wood in furniture factories in Turkey.

latte wood
It consists of layers of wood glued together in a way that ensures its durability. It is lightweight, easy to use, and can be cut easily.
Its quality or badness depends on the quality of the wood from which the layers are composed. Latte panels are often used to cover floors and walls, and they can be provided with a layer of plastic or metal to give it a shine.
Due to its bendability, latte can also be used to make wall paintings, casting molds, wooden carts, and some types of tables.

natural wood
It is the wood taken from trees of all kinds, and the furniture industry in general relies on it because of its durability and longevity.
There are popular types for use in furniture, and each type is more suitable for a type of furniture.

types of natural wood
Beech wood is one of the most common types of wood for use in furniture factories, due to its hardness, narrow pores, and lack of knots.

It is also one of the elegant and flexible types of wood in formation, its color is reddish, and it is characterized by being easy to paint.
It is commonly used in classic furniture, making doors, cabinet columns, and tables because of its durability and because of its uniform color that gives elegance and water resistance.

Beech is considered one of the most expensive woods, and there are types of it, the best of which are Roman, and there are also Turkish, Russian and American ones.

Or it is also called the wood of oak trees, and it is also one of the common woods for its durability and hardness for use in industries, but it is also very expensive.

Oak wood is close to beech wood in its features and artistic qualities, in terms of hardness, durability, and ease of formation. There are also white and red types.

Oak or white oak is resistant to water and moisture, and therefore we see its use in outdoor furniture, such as garden furniture and external doors, but it is better not to use iron nails because there is a chemical in it that causes rust.
The most important countries that contain oak wood are Austria, England, Greece and Italy, and we find its use most in rare pieces.

euro wood
It is also called the quru, and because of its zigzags and hardness that make it difficult to form, we find it expensive and spread among the makers of rare art pieces.

musky wood
It is one of the cheapest types of wood used in the furniture industry. It is also called swede or yellow fir. It is characterized by the presence of many knots in it, including light and dark ones.

The difference between the two types of knots is that the dark ones are fragile, weak, and subject to damage faster, and because of their nature, they are used in the manufacture of windows, decorations, and kitchens.
Types of wood used by furniture factories in Turkey
Globally, we find that the most recent reliance is on industrial wood, as it combines moderation in price along with durability.

In Turkey, the wood used is made of high-quality materials to ensure its durability, and this explains the creativity in designs that the nature of industrial wood allows.

However, in addition to that, we find the use of natural wood species in furniture factories in Turkey, as pieces of furniture, decorations, and kitchens are of a world-class quality.